About Us

Shanghai WISDOM Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, headquartered in Shanghai,we are an unconventional decoration company which provides space solutions for various retail brands on their business development, and we are able to offer one-stop service to our customers, including design, R&D, construction, display production and installation, planning consultation and implementation, etc.

WISDOM has Grade-2 qualification as project constructor which qualifies us to undertake any construction projects.

We have invited Bureau Veritas, a world-renowned institution to make certification of quality system and we successfully became one of a very few that passed environmental assessment in this field.





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Factory Profile

Fengxian Factory, Shanghai

A modern factory with high standards, and located in Fengxian Industrial Park by Huangpu River, covering an area of 84000sqm, which includes three modernized workshops and a 5-story office building. The factory has passed national environment assessment, which enables our factory operate sustainably.

The factory uses an advanced system management software,that replace the labor to process design, structure decomposition, drawing development and CND Data transmission. This factory has nine workshops, covering all the processes of display and props production, such as wood workshop, metal, acrylics and wood painting a, it also has an advanced powder coating line for metal works that is a big advantage respect the traditional factory with wood workshop and wood painting in this field.

The Factory has invited Bureau Veritas, a world-renowned institution to make certification of quality system. We make sure that every employee works in a safe and healthy environment. We have experienced management and production team , we have won our clients with high quality products.

Chengdu Factory, Sichuan Province

It is a modernized factory which is located in Shuangliu Industrial Park, in Chendu of Sichuan province, has an area of 15000sqm, composed by wood workshops,metal and powder coating, offering furniture and installation for famous brands.