Replacing wood with Metal

Technological innovation leads to industrial revolution. We built a R&D team that is working on how to replace wood with metal, through advanced powder coating technology, wood can be replaced with metal, which is environment protection, fire retardant, deformation resistant, quick to make and mount, easy to transport and recycle. We are doing our part in protecting the environment and the planet.

Innovation & Upgrade

  • Factory Upgrade

    Severe air pollution is now a big concern for Chinese people,and the government has to improve it by all means --- not only launched a nationwide campaign against environmental pollution on a large scale, but also cracking down on any businesses that excessively discharge pollutants. Our Fengxian factory is equipped with advanced dust collecting and treating systems,the factory has passed national assessment of environment.

  • Management Upgrade

    We use TopSolid, an advanced system management software, to dprocess design, structure decomposition, drawing development and CND Data transmission. We use WMS, an advance warehouse management system, to deal with raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products. We use bar-code/RFID data collecting devices to do an overall management quickly and precisely, connecting them to every ERP system. Improve material utilization and production success rate, thereby reducing the management and direct costs. Every staff member has been well trained and passed the “5S” test.

  • Export

    We have an independent export operation rights, the production of props can be sold directly abroad.

  • After-sale Service Upgrade

    Our original APP enables us to offer more after-sales services to our clients much wider, faster and more convenient.

  • Service Upgrade

    With the upgrade on our hardware and software, capability improvement and more services we can offer, we have upgraded our services in all aspects.

Output Standard Quality

It is the core of our management system. The purpose is to increase our source of revenue. It includes: standards for material quality control, standards for product quality and inspection, standards for operation management and standards for certification of technician, etc. In order to set up these standards, we built a laboratory, bought equipment, recruited researchers and established a R&D center, on the basis of two APPs —WIM management system and after-sales management system. WISDOM is going to make them as industry standards in the near future.

After-Sales APP

We independently-developed APP for after-sales service enables our customers to ask for repair and follow up in any time.

The APP has a perfect interface, it is quick, easy and even enjoyable to use, it is backed up by a professional team that ensures it is functioning normally.